Golden Age Aviation

Golden Age Mood Board.jpg

Inspired by the the aesthetic and simplicity of the golden age of air travel, I teamed up with Sydney Rose Markus to create a line of flight shoes specifically designed for flight attendants and pilots, yet also with the traditional airline passenger in mind.

These designs are simple, sleek, and easy to interact with especially in an airport environment where shoes need to be removed and put back on with ease. They also afford maximum comfort for long days of standing and walking in urban and metro areas.

Materials Inspiration

Material Board.jpg

My inspiration for the materials used in our design comes from the unique and durable textiles found throughout the aviation industry, including recycled seatbelt fabric which is incorporated into the heel loops on both shoe designs. Giving a subtle reminder of their origin and history.

Color Blocking

During ideation, color blocking is one of the most important exercises to help narrow a design to best fit its context, branding, and target demographic. We developed 12 individual color ways to give us options before deciding to narrow further.

Flight Shoe final.jpg

Neutral Palette

This neutral color way represents the consumer version of our business facing shoe. The advantages of a shoe specifically designed for modern flight can have many benefits to the modern entrepreneur who flys often for work or for leisure.

Heel loops made from recycled airline seat belts add a layer of nostalgia to an already essential component of airline travel footwear.

Flight Shoe Materials.jpg

Air Canada

Star Alliance member Air Canada grants passage to the incredible north american wilderness as well as the many historic cities in Canada's warmer southern provinces.

Flight Shoe Canada copy.jpg

United Airlines

Star alliance member United Airlines takes passengers throughout the continental United States and beyond. With hubs stretching all across the globe, United Airlines is an icon in the business and has made significant impact onto the way modern airlines operate.

Flight Shoes United.jpg


When combined with its subsidiaries, star alliance member Lufthansa is not only the largest airline in Germany, but in all of Europe as well. Servicing Africa, Aisia, Europe, and the Americas, Lufthansa has made a name for itself as one of the most Iconic airlines of all time.

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